Afghanistan says envoy’s daughter abducted in Islamabad, later released

Pakistani paramilitary soldiers stand guard near the Pakistan Afghan border crossing following fighting between Afghan security forces and Taliban in SpinBoldak border area, in Chaman, Pakistan (AP)

NEW DELHI: Afghanistan has strongly condemned the abduction of the daughter of its envoy in Islamabad, and called upon Pakistan to ensure the safety of Afghan diplomats and their families.
The Afghan foreign ministry has said that Silsila Alikhil, daughter of the Afghan ambassador to Islamabad Najib Alikhil, was abducted on July 16 while on her way home in the Pakistani capital.
She was in the custody of unknown individuals for several hours, during which she was subjected to torture. She has since been released, and is receiving treatment in a hospital.
The ministry expressed deep concern over the safety and security of Afghan diplomats and their families in Pakistan, as well as staff at the Afghan political and consular missions. It called upon Islamabad to ensure full security of such persons in accordance with international treaties and conventions.
The ministry said it is taking up the matter with the Pakistan foreign ministry, and urged Islamabad to identify and prosecute the perpetrators at the earliest.
(With inputs from ANI)


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