Australia: Two friends having beer on inflatable mattress drift away into sea, rescued hours later

For two men, a chilling session over beer went awry after their makeshift mattress boat was swept miles away into the open sea in Australia. The duo had to rescued after being stranded for hours off the coast of Western Australia.

Jackson Perry and Noah Palmer from Mandurah blew up an inflatable mattress and hopped on it with a portable cooler full of beer bottles. As their initial plan was to spend their day relaxing on the sea shore outside Palmer’s oceanside house, strong winds pushed them into deep waters. Armed with only a dying phone, they were stranded for almost three hours, 7 News reported.

The two friends had only planned to leisurely float on the water for sometime but then the winds intensified. “We couldn’t paddle against the wind and we just kept going further and further out. We only aimed to be 100m off shore max and before we knew it, we were out to sea,” Perry explained.

They were fine for a while, but the duo admitted that panic crept in soon as they started to run out of beers. Subsequently, their makeshift floater started to slowly sink from the numerous holes in the mattress. “So Noah’s like jumping off every 10 minutes to keep blowing the mattress back up,” Perry was quoted by Perth Now. reported that their only hope was their friend Tex Seek, who was 30-40 minutes away. “We were just hoping he finds us because all of our phones were dying and we were kind of getting worried at that point.”

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Luckily, he received their call for help, and rescued them on a jet ski.

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