Australian PM Shares Hair-Raising Clip Of Car Being Washed Away In Floods

Australia PM Scott Morrison shared a video of a car being washed away by floodwater.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has shared a hair-raising video on his Twitter account. Initially shared by Transport and Main Roads Queensland, the clip shows a car on the streets being washed away due to the force of floodwater. Reiterating the slogan, ‘If it’s flooded, forget it,’ the Australia PM said that thankfully, the driver was able to come out of the vehicle before it was washed away.

The footage has been watched over 94,000 times on the microblogging platform. Several users are reacting to the tweet.

Official account of the NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador quote-tweeted the video and advised people to ‘Turn around. Don’t Drown.”

The Twitter account of Transport and Main Roads Queensland added, “When we say #IfItsFloodedForgetIt we mean it.” The department said that the possibility of landslides and flash flooding remains high during the floods.

Queensland residents, who need to travel by car during floods, have also been warned to ‘Back It Up’ if they witness floodwaters.

Commenting on the clip, a user said that she hopes the people in the car got out safely. Another said that people should not take risks when they see such water levels.

Upon seeing the video of Queensland roads flooded with water, a few sent prayers for their “Australian friends”.

Australia’s New South Wales and Queensland have been hit by a massive flood. As many as, 18,000 people across New South Wales have been forced out of their homes due to natural disaster.

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