‘Baby Shark’ for Real? Fisherman Finds Mutant Shark with Human-like Face in Indonesia

The infinite sea is home to numerous, unusual creatures which humans often come across, mostly on viral media. In a recent incident that has baffled the internet is an odd-looking mutant shark with a human-like face. The deformed creature looks like a children’s toy made from a lump of dough or clay.

A 48-year-old fisherman caught the weird creature off the coast of Indonesia on February 21, Sunday. Abdullah Nuren accidently caught the apex predator while he was out fishing off in the waters near the island of Rote Ndao in East Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia.

Abdullah had caught an adult pregnant shark in his trawler net, who had died by the time he got the fish onto the boat and after cutting its stomach open, three pups were found inside. One of them had distinctive human-like features — two large round eyes underneath its nose. Unlike normal sharks, it has eyes right under the pointed snout rather than the two sides.

The picture doing the rounds on social media shows the mutant shark in a paper box sitting in a position with its belly revealed. Take a look at the mutant shark here:

Talking to Daily Mail, Abdullah explained he found three pups inside the belly of the mother shark. In the pictures, the mutant pup looks like it has a human face with its mouth open.

The fisherman took the baby shark home where his family helped him to preserve it. He shared that ever since he brought it home, it has been ‘crowded with people who want to see the shark.’

Abdullah claims that his neighbors offered to buy the deformed shark but he refused to sell it as he believes the creature might bring him good luck and he wants to preserve it instead of selling it.

The picture shared by Daily Mail on Instagram has attracted interesting reactions from shocked citizens. One of the users commented saying the picture will haunt him, while another said that it doesn’t look real.

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