Baby tries to protect twin after failing to recognise dad after he shaves, watch viral video

A sweet video of two little girls failing to recognise their father after he shaved in a really long time has social media in splits. As pandemic-induced lockdown forced many to grow their manes, the ‘after’ videos of children being left in tears or all confused have become the new normal.

Earlier this week, TikTok user Jonathan Normoyle decided to shave for the first time in a while. However, his two twin daughters had no idea how their father looked all clean-shaven. But what was really precious was the fact that one of the little girls tried to protect her sibling ‘from the stranger’!

The viral video showed as the man reached out, the toddler wasn’t ready to let him touch her sister — extending her arm out in a protective move. The adorable gesture won hearts of thousands online.

Beyond TikTok, the video went viral when a Twitter user, Aqualady (@Aqualady6666), shared it on the micro-blogging site, leaving all laughing out loud. The cute video has got over 4 million views on the platform.


At the end of the short video, the man is seen breaking into a laugh as he tries to persuade and assure the twins that he is no stranger. Clearly, it doesn’t work as both the girls are seen crying on camera.

“I shaved for the first time in a while and my girls did not recognize me, and the one was trying to protect her sister,” The father of the two from Ohio told Newsflare.

The video is widely being shared across social media sites, and netizens can’t stop swooning over the little protective sister.

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