‘Cast Away sequel?’: Video of Pakistan minister rowing a boat prompts memes and jokes

Pakistani Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad seems to be the fodder for hilarious memes and jokes after a video of him rowing a boat at a farmhouse recently went viral on social media.

Federal Minister for Interior, Ahmad recently took some time during Eid and posted a video of him gently rowing a boat at his ‘Freedom House’ in Rawalpindi.

“Second day of Eid: Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed sailing at Freedom House,” the caption for the video read, which was shared across all of his social media pages.

Take a look here:

The video soon caught the eye of netizens, who turned it into hilarious memes and jokes. They also pointed out that the boat was not moving, as the minister was rowing with only one oar.

Take a look at some of the reactions here:

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