Cow Runs into Hospital’s Waiting Room and Slams Patients into Wall in Colombia

An escaped cow wreaked havoc after it ran into a hospital’s waiting room and attacked patients in Colombia. The bizarre incident took place at the Hospital San Rafael in Antioquia, situated in northwestern Colombia, on February 13, Saturday.

CCTV footage from the incident shows patients sitting in a crowded waiting room when suddenly a rogue cow appears, forcing people to run towards the corners for safety. However, the raging cow follows and slams them into the wall.

Thankfully, the cow can be seen slipping and falling multiple times allowing some of the patients to escape. However, the clip reveals that one injured woman is trapped in the corner and the cow continues to kick her against the wall. Two men then enter the frame trying to rescue the other patients and manage to grab the cow by its failing lead and pulling it across the room.

The cow can be seen being pulled against the chairs, away from the injured woman when again, the animal breaks free from the men’s grip and charges back at the same injured woman in the corner. Moments later, a man is seen rushing back in and distracting the animals enough to make it exit the hospital. The injured woman gets up in shock and goes inside a room.

The footage then moves to the outside of the hospital where locals can be seen clapping and whistling in an attempt to distract the cow out of the room. As the cow exits, the crowd scatters.

As per a local newspaper Vanguardia, nobody was seriously injured in the attack and the woman was treated for minor contusion and bruises. The cow owner visited the hospital apologising for the rogue animal, inquiring about the damage of property and woman’s health.

The cow also damaged two motorbikes after exiting the waiting room. No police investigation has been launched yet.

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