Stunning visual of Fagradalsfjall volcanic crater’s collapse in Iceland has left netizens enthralled. The drone shot was shared by Hörður Kristleifsson, a photographer from Iceland, on Twitter.

Netizens were left awestruck to watch the crater rim collapse while fire and dust emerged in a perfect blend of colours. The photographer also said that the crater rim may look “small” but it was actually around the same size as a five-storey building.

“Luckiest drone shot ever? I happened to be flying over the Fagradalsfjall volcanic crater when part of the crater rim collapsed. That part may look “small”, but it’s actually around the same size of a 5 story building!” wrote Kristleifsson on Twitter.

Watch the video here:

Fagradalsfjall is located 40 kilometre from Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. The volcanic eruption happened on March 19, this year. Earlier, photographs and videos of the collapse had surfaced and it is for the first time that a drone shot has surfaced, leaving netizens spellbound. Pertinently, no volcanic eruption had occurred for 800 years on the peninsula and it has enticed locals and foreign tourists to the spot.

The video has garnered over 24 lakh views since it was shared on November 25. Ivy DIMPLES stan The Rose, a Twitter user, said, “Wow amazing.” Another user was curious to know how the visual was shot. Sandra Löwe commented, “How die you manage to get the moment? Coincidence?”

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