Fish With Human-Like Teeth Found, Sheepshead Fish, In North Carolina; Image Goes Viral

The sheepshead fish has existed for a long and is commonly found in North and South America.

A fisherman in North Carolina, US, has caught a fish that has distinct teeth, like humans. An image of the aquatic animal shared on the Facebook page has instantly gone viral and surprised many. It shows the fish having incisors on the upper and lower jaws. It also has several rows of molars to crush its prey. It was later identified as a sheepshead fish, which got its name due to its mouth looking like the mouth of a sheep.

One of the images shared on the social media page of Jennette’s Pier showed the fisher who caught this weird-looking fish.

The post has been shared more than 300 times since it was uploaded earlier this week. And a lot of people have commented on it, sharing their excitement as well as bemusement.

“I have never seen a fish like this one,” said Jean-Claude Savard.

Another user, Orkun Movic, said, “His teeth look better than mine.”

While a third tried to help the fish clean its teeth by offering to give names of good orthodontists. “I know some good orthodontists,” said Wiley Sanders.

William Forsyth said he thought the fish had been “on a diet of baked beans”.

One of the users was so unconvinced that a fish can have teeth like humans, that she said the image was photoshopped. “Some of the worst photoshop I have seen,” said Pamela A-v.

“Shame that all the person who is supposed to have caught it can think of killing it and eating the poor thing. Put it back in the water and let it live its life in peace – supposing it is even a real fish,” said Talaith Gwyrdd.

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Despite some people not believing the image, the sheepshead fish has existed for a long and is commonly found in North and South America. It’s a deep-bodied flatfish with sharp dorsal spines. It usually grows 10-20 inches long and is an omnivore.

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