We have heard, watched and read many stories of convicts breaking out of prison over the years. Well, one such incident occurred recently in Brazil. While it was not his jail cell that the prisoner broke out of, it was a moving police vehicle. The man was handcuffed while he managed to escape from right under the eyes of cops. The act was caught on camera and the video features the man jumping out of the police car as it was moving down a street. The video was shared on YouTube by ViralHog. It incident took place on December 28, 2021, at Alagoa Nova, Paraiba, Brazil.

The clip is titled, “Prisoner flees from moving police vehicle,” and has recorded nearly 40,00 views since it was shared online.

As expected, viewers were speechless as the incident unfolded on camera. A user wrote in disbelief, “Did they really handcuff him to the back of the van?” Another commented, “That’s why they always have to handcuff behind the back.” A user went ahead to praise the man’s escaping act and wrote, “Clever how he stayed ducked down… Avoiding the rearview mirror.”

According to local reports, the man managed to open the “chess” door of the police car and escaped. He crouched in the middle of the street after jumping out of the car and soon ran for his life. Due to this, the police did not notice his escape in the rearview mirror and the car went ahead without the prisoner. According to a report, the police noticed the man’s escape only after they arrived at the police station and did not find the prisoner inside the car.

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The man hasn’t been caught yet. The Civil Police claims to have started an inquiry to investigate how the prisoner escaped the vehicle. The police are leaning on technical expertise to detect any fault in the coupling that closes the car’s compartment.

Previously, a prisoner in Brazil tried to escape from jail by dressing up as his daughter. In another instance, a man named Bobby Love escaped prison and led a double life for decades. His wife and four children had no clue about his past until he was identified.

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