Holi Horoscope, Lucky Colour For All Raashis

Holi Horoscope, Lucky Colour For All Raashis
  • Published3월 29, 2021

Holi Horoscope and Lucky Colour: Holi has become a part of the pop-culture today, and it’s not just limited to one religion. The festival of colours brings vibrancy and energy to the lives of those who celebrate it with much fervour. Astrologer and prophesier Pandit Jagannath Guruji talked to and called Holi a festival of positivity since it marks the end of the winter season and signifies the win of good over evil. It’s a day of victory. Holi also marks the celebration of the new harvest. Witnessing the Holika Dahan is considered auspicious because the Holika fire signifies the destruction of negativity and evil. Also Read – Australian PM Scott Morrison Greets ‘Good Friend’ Modi, Hindus on Holi, Tweets Video Message

Here’s how Holi 2021 is going to impact each zodiac sign:

Holi 2021 horoscope for Aries: Holi has brought along a day of recovery for you. This is the day when you shall try your best to find solutions to the problems you have been avoiding for so long. Those who have been avoiding a medical checkup, or any surgery, shall take a decision today. The decision taken on the health front will bring you good results today. Also Read – 7th Pay Commission Latest News: Centre, States Have Big Holi Benefits For Govt Employees | Check Details Here

  • Remedy: No remedy required. You need to push yourself to do things today though.
  • Lucky colour: White, Grey

Holi 2021 horoscope for Taurus: You have been putting a lot of physical efforts for a few days into something. This is the day to take a backseat and relax. Do not exert yourself to do something that you do not want to do. Taking rest is advisable. Also Read – From Rashami Desai to Bharti Singh, TV Celebs Pour in Wishes on Holi 2021

  • Remedy: Go slow. Avoid overthinking
  • Lucky Colour: Red, Violet

Holi 2021 horoscope for Gemini: Holi is the day to resolve the ongoing issues with your loved ones today. You know you have been avoiding mending differences with friends or family members, and you shall just go ahead and take the initiative of solving things on your own at this festival.

  • Remedy: Take yourself seriously. Don’t ignore your inner voice
  • Lucky colour: Black, Yellow

Holi 2021 horoscope for Cancer: Cancerians should spend Holi to do planning for their near future. You should utilise the positivity that you have been surrounded with for your own benefit. Talk to yourself because that will make things easier for you.

  • Remedy: Surround yourself with positive people only. Start meditating
  • Lucky colour: White and Red

Holi 2021 horoscope for Leo: Arguments among family members are expected. You will have to learn to ignore a few people today. So in case, you have been planning to have a Holi get-together, prepare yourself for a tough time among family members, and try to avoid being in the company of those who are capable of talking back to you. Your patience is going to take you ahead today.

  • Remedy: Try to move on. Do not drag the issues. Visit a Lord Ganesha temple or pray to Lord Ganesha
  • Lucky Colour: Brown and Black

Holi 2021 horoscope for Virgo: Holi has come with a lot of colours and energy for those who are running their own business. They may see good growth.

  • Remedy: Just watch yourself. Everything is going fine. Speak carefully, think twice or else you’ll stop your own growth.
  • Lucky Colour: Orange and White

Holi 2021 horoscope for Libra: It’s advisable to not mingle with people with materialistic thinking today. Holi is a festival of love and colours in life and if you know someone who’s just finding different ways to make your life absolutely colourless, this is the right time to completely stay away from them.

  • Remedy: Choose your company wisely today. Go slow. Do yoga and pray to Lord Shiva.
  • Lucky Colour: Blue and Pink

Holi 2021 horoscope for Scorpio: You shall be spending the evening today with your family. If you can, take your family out for dinner in the evening. Surround yourself with your loved ones. It’s a very good time for you. Take your chances today.

  • Remedy: No remedy required.
  • Lucky Colour: Red and Black

Holi 2021 horoscope for Sagittarius: Something really unexpected will happen to you today. So, be prepared for the same and accept it wholly. You might also spend the festival spending a lot. In fact, Sagittarians are mostly the kind of people who spend first and think later.

  • Remedy: Worship Lord Hanuman today.
  • Lucky Colour: White and Black

Holi 2021 horoscope for Capricorn: This is a good time in terms of finance because some unexpected financial gain is waiting for you this Holi. All your plans are gradually falling in place. Apart from the unexpected money coming in, you might also get some surprising news at work also.

  • Remedy: Pray to Lord Shiva and on Saturday, pray to Lord Hanuman
  • Lucky Colour: White and Black

Holi 2021 horoscope for Aquarius: You and your partner are going to have a blast today. You will realise the kindness of your partner and will accept the way he/she helps you today. If you have been a romantic person, express your love on Holi, and let the stars do their magic. Honeymoon, night out or a simple romantic stroll awaits you today.

  • Remedy: Express your feelings. The stars ask you to speak
  • Lucky Colour: Light green and light pink

Holi 2021 horoscope for Pisces: Holi is going to be a complete family treat for you. You might take your kids out or simply look at various ways to entertain them. Your pace is nice, and you do not have to rush into things today.

  • Remedy: Calm yourself down today and take a backseat
  • Lucky Colour: Blue and red

— Astrological Predictions by Pandit Jagannath Guruji

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