How a woman discovered an entire apartment behind her bathroom mirror

What are the odds that you discover another apartment right behind your bathroom which you were unaware of till now? That’s exactly what has happened with a woman in New York.
No matter how strange it sounds, but it happened with a woman, Samantha Hartsoe, in the New York City. She recorded the entire incident and then posted it on TikTok. After that, those videos also made their way on Twitter.
In the first video, she explains how the constant breeze in her bathroom made her curious about its origin. After checking every corner of her bathroom, she finally reached the sides of the mirror and that was ‘the moment of truth’. When she showed this to her friends, one of them actually made a reference to the movie ‘Parasite‘ and says ‘what if someone is living there?’

In third part she finally managed to make an entry that other apartment

Finally, she goes in the apartment with some tools like a torch and hammer and here is what she found there. She signs off saying ‘my landlord is getting a really fun call tomorrow.’

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