Hyena gives zookeeper ‘kisses’ in video gone viral. Over a million views so far | Trending

Few people have the opportunity to interact closely with different animals. Jay Brewer, the founder of The Reptile Zoo is among them. His Instagram page is full of videos showing such interesting interactions. From snakes to Komodo dragons, crocodiles and alligators to giraffes and turtles, Jay Brewer’s videos often collect several reactions from netizens. Now, another video shared by him has caught people’s attention. This one shows him and a hyena.

In this Instagram Reel, that has collected over 1.2 million views in two days, shows Brewer receiving ‘kisses’ from the hyena. “Never thought I’d be getting kisses from a hyena… but never know what’s going to happen around here,” Brewer wrote as the caption for the video. The clip shows him standing in a pool of water. The hyena can be seen perched on his shoulder.

Watch what the hyena does in the video below:

Along with the views, the video has also collected thousands of likes and several reactions from netizens.

“You are very adventurous to be playing with Ed from Lion King,” joked an Instagram user. Brewer couldn’t help but reply “hilarious” to this comment. “You have a cool life my man!” posted another.

An individual posted, “What a brave soul you are!” To this, Brewer replied, “it was easy when the hyena was so cute”.

Well, what do you think about this video?

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