Influencer under fire for posting secret video of husband crying: ‘Every single thing doesn’t need to be exploited for views’

Influencer under fire for posting secret video of husband crying: ‘Every single thing doesn’t need to be exploited for views’
  • Published11월 17, 2021

Instagram influencer Jaclyn Singletary Gibson was forced to take down a viral TikTok video of a private moment of her husband crying in the backyard, after major criticism from other users.

On Monday (15 November), the lifestyle and fashion influencer filmed her husband Seth crying alone in the backyard. The video seemed to have been shot without his permission.

The text on the now-deleted clip read: “Told my husband to go outside to take a deep breath, and I caught him crying.”

Many users on the video-focused social networking service were unhappy with Ms Gibson’s action.

“Every single thing doesn’t need to be exploited for views and likes, people,” a user commented on the video, which was viewed by more than 4.5 million people.

“I’m sure he enjoys helping but everyone needs that shutdown time. That ‘only for me’ time,” wrote another person.

Ms Gibson shared a statement about the backlash, saying the previous 24 hours were “horrifying”.

“[The] video went viral in the worst possible way,” the influencer said. “The comments were repulsive and obnoxious. I’m still kind of a little angry.”

“This is a perfect example of how people are just obnoxious,” she continued, before revealing that there were around 7,000 comments of “the same [kind], like: ‘You’re the worst’, ‘How could you put this out there?’”

“It was so discouraging,” Ms Gibson said. “How the heck did this dumb video go viral? [I’m] so disappointed about how social media can be so repulsive sometimes. Some of the comments were just unbelievable.”

The influencer then went on to compare TikTok and Instagram, and said that she took the video down “cause I don’t want people to come on my page and think that I’m a horrifying person or wife because I posted [a] video of Seth crying.”

Ms Gibson admitted that she did not think “it [was] a big deal” for her to post that video.

Gibson’s statement on Instagram

(Jaclyn Singletary Gibson/Instagram)

She also posted a message for her new followers.

She wrote: “I have literally zero tolerance for foolishness or unnecessary commentary or pointed questions regarding that video.”

“The people in this circle are ones who are uplifting and kind and intentional and encouraging and lovely and I refuse to let that be ruined by people who simply do not know me nor care to,” she added.

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