Jobless man, 41, who sued parents seeking maintenance for life loses appeal | World News

A 41-year-old man has lost the legal battle demanding “maintenance for life” from his wealthy parents, Daily Mail reported. Faiz Siddiqui had said in his plea before a court in the United Kingdom (UK) that his human rights were violated.

But the Court of Appeal dismissed his petition, saying he is not entitled even to a penny, the Daily Mail report said. It also rejected the claims made by Siddiqui that his rights had been breached, it added.

Oxford-educated Siddiqui, who also trained as a lawyer, practiced at top law firms and also worked at Ernst & Young as a tax advisor. He is a qualified solicitor but has been jobless since 2011. Siddiqui has been living rent free for 20 years in a £1 million home near Hyde Park in London, which is owned by his parents Rakshanda, 69, and Javed, 71.

They have also been giving Siddiqui £400 every week for his expenses and paying his bills and other expenses. That support was reduced after a family dispute.

He demanded the money be increased and the support from “enormously wealthy” parents to continue for life, reported Daily Mail.

But the judge said in the order, “Parents should be under no legal duty to support their adult children, however grave their need,” according to Daily Mail.

The lawyers of Rakshanda and Javed, who live in Dubai, described Faiz as “difficult and demanding” and said that his parents were “long-suffering”.

This was first of its kind test case in the UK and Faiz Siddiqui was backed by a human rights lawyer.

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He had earlier sued Oxford University for £1,000,000 in 2018 over his failure to get first-class honours, claiming what he was taught was inadequate. He lost that case too.

The judge hearing his case had said that Siddiqui’s “inadequate preparation” and “lack of academic discipline” were the reasons he under performed in his exams.

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