Man claims he saw ‘ghost dog’ playing with his pet in viral CCTV video. It’s a hoax, says Internet

A man from Australia claimed that he saw his pet puppy playing with a ‘ghost dog’ in his backyard. The CCTV video has gone viral on social media.

Man claims he saw ‘ghost dog’ playing with his pet in viral CCTV video. (Photo: Caters News Agency)

A man from Australia was in for a shock after spine-chilling CCTV footage appeared to show his pet puppy Ryder playing with a ‘ghost dog’ in his backyard. The 31-second clip was posted to YouTube by Caters News Agency and has gone viral with over 7 lakh views so far. Social media users, however, refused to believe that the dog was a ghost and posted their reactions in the comments section.

In the video, Ryder was spotted chasing a translucent white pooch in the backyard of Jake DeMarco’s Melbourne house. The dogs seemingly made the most of their time and ran around the fenced-in area. Moments later, the ‘ghost dog’ wasn’t visible in the frame any longer.

Speaking to Caters News Agency, Jake said that he was absolutely shocked after spotting the translucent pooch in his backyard, which he said, is secured by a locked high fence. Hence, Jake is of the opinion that it is impossible for a dog to jump over it.

After observing the CCTV footage, Jake ran outside to spot the ‘ghost dog’ but it had disappeared by then, New York Post reports, citing Caters News Agency.

Watch the video here:

As the video went viral, social media users flooded the comments section with their thoughts and opinions. Most of the users refused to believe that the translucent pooch is actually a ghost dog, and said that it’s a “hoax.”

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“It is not a canine spirit, it is a real dog, when it runs on concrete it is very clear that it is real. It is just a white dog,” a user said. Another comment reads, “I don’t see any ghost, just two normal dogs playing.”

See the comments here:

Screenshots from YouTube.

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