Man falls into muddy puddle while taking ‘shortcut’. Viral video sparks laughter | Trending

Man falls into muddy puddle while taking ‘shortcut’. Viral video sparks laughter | Trending
  • Published7월 29, 2021

Sometimes taking a shortcut can land one in the soup. This video demonstrates just that. It shows what happened when a man tried taking a shortcut to avoid a muddy puddle. The result has left people chuckling. Chances are the video will leave you giggling too.

The man in question is a British tourist named Martin Lewis, reports the Daily Mail. The incident took place during a walk with his wife Rachael while visiting Maldives.

The video opens to show Lewis walking slowly in a muddy area and suddenly deciding to take a short cut across a swamp. He gets ready by taking off his footwear and carefully trying to cross the puddle of water. The result is him landing right into water. What makes the video even more enjoyable to watch is his wife Rachel’s laughter in the background. She was the one capturing the video.

Take a look at the video that was originally shared on TikTok:


The video, since being shared, has gathered tons of comments. People couldn’t stop commenting how the clip left them giggling.

“This video is funny. I can’t help but laugh,” wrote an Instagram user. “I can’t stop watching it,” shared another. “Absolutely comedy gold this one,” expressed a third.

“We are currently in the Maldives and my wife suggested taking a shortcut across the island to get to the other side. I’ll be honest, I knew that my feet were going to get wet, I even considered that perhaps the bottom of my trousers may also get wet and I thought it could make an amusing video, so my wife proceeded to film. It was a total shock when I disappeared into the hole, and I kept going down, I think the hole may have been nine to 10 foot deep,” Lewis told Daily Mail. “Afterwards, I reached the surface, I scrambled out, and sat there composing myself whilst the wife laughed for a good 10 minutes,” he added.

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