Man found alive after 17 nights in wilderness | Missing 69-year-old man found alive after spending 17 nights in wilderness

Man found alive after spending 17 nights in wilderness&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspFacebook

A 69-year-old man US, who had gone missing on May 7, was found by police after spending 17 nights in the wilderness.

Harry Burleigh was reported missing by his wife on the evening of May 7, after having gone for a camping trip in the Toketee area.

Douglas County Search and Rescue began a full-scale search operation on May 8 and were able to find Harry’s car and a trailhead that lead to Twin lakes.

The rescue team’s investigation revealed that Harry had trekked into the Twin Lakes area to fish before going mussing.

The search continued and the team was able to get help from other volunteers. In the following days, the search operation was expanded and 40 volunteers from eight counties began searching for Harry. They even set up a Facebook group for the search mission.

But no major clues about Harry’s whereabouts could be found. But on May 16, the volunteers were able to find a tackle box and a makeshift shelter in the wilderness.

At that time, the searchers left a note and a lighter, asking him to make a fire that would signal his presence.

A week later, the search team found another shelter. But this time, they also got a response from Harry.

On Monday, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said that Harry was had been found. He was walking and complaining of minor pain but was in a stable condition.

“A Brim Aviation helicopter was utilized to hoist Burleigh from his location and transport him to a waiting Lifeflight helicopter. Lifeflight later transported him to an out of area hospital for evaluation,” a news release from the Douglas Co. Sheriff’s Office noted

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Following the rescue, Harry was airlifted and taken to a hospital.

Earlier in May, a 47-year-old woman who went missing almost six months ago in a canyon in Utah, US was found alive – living in a tent and surviving on a diet of grass and moss.

The woman, whose name has not been released, went missing in the canyon on November 25. It was initially reported she went missing in the Diamond Fork area of Spanish Fork Canyon. Authorities at that point believed she wasn’t in any danger and had ‘willingly chose to remain in the area’.

She was recently discovered after a police search drone crashed and spotted her encampment. 

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