Massoud has a lobbyist in US; Taliban are also looking for one: Report | World News

Ahmad Massoud has entered into an agreement with Robert Stryk who will lobby for the Northern Resistance Front in the US, an NYT report said. 

Panjshir leader and the face of Northern Resistance Front, Ahmad Massoud has signed up a lobbyist in the United States this week, a New York Times report said. The contract was filed with the Justice Department on Wednesday evening and the work will be done pro bono (free, for the public good), the report said. So what will Robert Stryk, the lobbyist, do? He will shore up support for the anti-Taliban force, which is firm on their decision of not surrendering and declaring a parallel government. While the international community is silent on whatever is happening in the Panjshir valley and countries are far from the discourse of recognising the NRF, the lobbyist will do his work. The NYT report said that the Taliban are also looking for representation as they want international funding and legitimacy.

Meanwhile, the Afghanistan-US Democratic Peace and Prosperity Council a well-financed Afghan group active in Washington is discussing the possibility of forming a government in exile, the report said. What is this council doing now after the fall of Afghanistan? Reports said it is now promoting protests against the Taliban.

The NYT report said that Stryk who will represent Massoud in Washington has represented similar cases in the past as he was the lobbyist of former Congolese President Joseph Kabila and also represented the administration of President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela.

Panjshir spokesperson Ali Nazary has admitted that there has been a new contract. As of now, while the struggle in the valley is still going on, the aim of lobbying is asking for material support, including weapons. Plus, the NRF will also lobby for theUS not recognising the Taliban.

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The clash in the Panjshir Resistance is still going on and reports said Massoud and Afghanistan’s former vice president Amrullah Saleh are still in Panjshir.


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