May ‘lose out’ JF-17 deal with Argentina, says Pak embassy in Insta post; later claims account ‘hacked’

The Pakistani embassy in an Instagram post on Wednesday said that the country might ‘lose out’ on the JF-17 deal with Argentina, adding that ‘political substitution in Islamabad may lead’ to Pakistan’s revival.

File photo of Imran Khan | AP


  • JF-17 fighter jets were jointly developed by Pakistan and China
  • Argentine Defence Ministry in Sept denied purchase of any “supersonic aircraft”
  • The Instagram account of the embassy in Argentina was hacked, claimed Pakistan’s MFA

Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs was left red-faced when an Instagram post from the account of the country’s embassy in Argentina went viral on Wednesday. The post said that Pakistan “may lose out” on the JF-17 deal with Argentina.

Developed jointly by Pakistan and China, the JF-17 fighter jets have been commissioned into service for the Pakistani Air Force. Myanmar, Nigeria, Azerbaijan and Sri Lanka have reportedly ordered the JF-17 jets from Pakistan.

In September of this year, the Argentine Defence Ministry issued a statement denying the purchase of “supersonic aircraft of any origin”.

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The Instagram post on Wednesday by the Pakistani embassy in Argentina went further to say, “The political substitution in Islamabad may lead to the revival of Pakistan’s reliability & credibility. Diplomats can’t be ‘la raison’ for failures.”

The post was later taken down followed by tweets from both the Pakistani embassy in Argentina and Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs claiming that the “Instagram account of the Embassy of Pakistan in Argentina was hacked”.

“Please note that all messages posted through this account in last one hour were not from the Embassy of Pakistan in Argentina,” the tweet added.

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Interestingly, this ‘hacking incident’ happened days after a tweet by the Pakistani embassy in Serbia caused great embarrassment to the Imran Khan government.

“With inflation breaking all previous records, how long do you expect @ImranKhanPTI that we government official will remain silent and keep working for you without been paid for past three months and our children been forced out of school due to non-payment of fees. Is this #NayaPakistan,” said the tweet which was later deleted.

There was also a video embedded in the tweet with the song “aap ne ghabrana nahin (don’t be scared)”, a phrase often used by Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs had later claimed in a tweet that the Twitter account of its embassy in Serbia had been “hacked”.

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