modi: Democratic spirit ingrained in Indians: PM Modi at Biden’s virtual summit | India News

NEW DELHI: The democratic spirit, including respect for rule of law and pluralistic ethos, is ingrained in Indians, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday while participating in the first virtual Summit for Democracy, being hosted by United States President Joe Biden from White House.
“The Indian Diaspora carries it too, thereby contributing to economic well-being and social harmony of their adopted homes,” said PM Modi while addressing the main Leaders’ Plenary Session on day one of the two-day event via a video link.
According to sources, the PM emphasised the need for democratic countries to deliver on values enshrined in their constitutions. He also outlined sensitivity, accountability, participation and reform orientation as four pillars of Indian democratic governance, said sources.

This closed-door plenary session saw interventions from 12 select countries, including India. Prime Minister Modi will deliver India’s national statement on Friday.
The two-day event, held by video link because of the coronavirus pandemic, is being billed by the White House. The opening of the virtual summit on democracy saw representatives from some 100 countries Thursday.

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