Netizens can’t get over US impeachment manager Stacey Plaskett’s cape dress

Stacey Plaskett, one of the Democratic House impeachment managers, arrived at the US Senate in a striking attire that left everyone awestruck.

The elected delegate from the US Virgin Islands was present to make a case on how the former US President was responsible for the attack on Capitol, according to reports.

For the occasion, she wore a blue body-hugging BGL midi dress with a belted detail around the waist. But what specifically caught people’s attention was the cape-like attachment at the back of the dress.

Netizens, who were in awe, could not resist appreciating the outfit. “Not the focus I know but Impeachment Manager @StaceyPlaskett is defending our democracy while looking SO FLY IN A LITERAL CAPE DRESS,” Meena Harris, niece of  US Vice President Kamala Harris wrote on Twitter.

Here’s what others said:

The cape dress costs $276.60 (Rs 20,134.70), on What do you think of the look?

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