No country should ask us to form ‘inclusive government’, say Taliban

Islamabad: Days after Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s comments over the government formed in Afghanistan, the Taliban expressed that countries have no right to ask the Islamic Emirate to establish an ‘inclusive’ government in Afghanistan.
The remarks came from Taliban spokesperson and deputy information minister Zabihullah Mujahid after Pakistan and several other countries urged the Taliban to form an inclusive government in Afghanistan.
“Pakistan or any other country has no right to ask the Islamic Emirate to establish an ‘inclusive’ government in Afghanistan,” Mujahid told Daily Times when he was asked for his reaction to PM Imran Khan‘s recent remarks on the Afghan government.
A few days back, Khan accepted that Islamabad had started negotiations with the Taliban for an inclusive government that would include minorities in the country.
Earlier, another Taliban leader, Mohammad Mobeen had also expressed that Afghanistan does not give the right to anyone to call for an inclusive government in the country.
“Does the inclusive government mean that the neighbours have their representatives and spies in the system?,” he said during a debate show on Afghanistan’s Ariana TV.
Mobeen’s statement is a strong indication that the Taliban are in no mood to accept calls for such a government that has representatives of other groups.
Meanwhile, the Taliban also insist that their government is inclusive with the representation of other ethnicities, Pakistan Times reported.

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