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In an incident, that is equal parts scary and fascinating, a snake rescue organization discovered more than 90 reptiles underneath a house in California. A post about the rescue, along with a few images, was also shared on the official Facebook page of Sonoma County Reptile Rescue. The images have now gone all kinds of viral with many sharing it across various social media platforms.

“I got a call from somebody that said they had snakes under their house, 3 hours and 45 minutes later This is what I came out with, what would you do,” reads the caption shared along with the pictures. In a reply on the same post, the organization also shared, “59 babies and 22 adults is the final count and yes I will be going back and checking several more times before the 15th of this month.”

Take a look at the post:

Since being shared, the post has gathered several comments where people expressed all sorts of reactions.

“I just wanted to say thank you. Most people are terrible to snakes, especially rattlesnakes. It was so nice to hear how much you respect and like them. Humans have done such terrible things to the environment & to wild creatures.. I appreciate you and what you do!” wrote a Facebook user.

“I can’t imagine crawling under someone’s home knowing it’s infested with rattlesnakes, especially the little guys that are harder to see. YIKES !!! Glad to know someone who IS willing,” expressed another. “As scary as it is to have that many under one’s house, look at all the Baby Danger Noodles!” posted a third.

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The man who rescued the snakes is identified as Al Wolf, reports NBC News. He shared that besides his initiation search, he found 11 more snakes when he visited the house again, bringing the total to 92.

“We know they’ll probably be more. I’ll go back one more time this month. It’s colder, and it’s time for snakes to hibernate in October, so we know they’ll be more in-and-out, but I will go back in April and do another check under the house and around her property,” Wolf, the director of Sonoma County Reptile Rescue, told NBC News.

What are your thoughts on the incident?

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