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Some stories of reunion prove the fact that miracles are indeed a reality and this incident of a dog reuniting with its owner after 10 long years is a perfect example of that. Shared on Facebook by City of San Antonio Animal Care Services, the tear-jerking story has struck a chord with netizens and may leave you with the same feeling too.

“Samson went missing a decade ago and it broke his family’s hearts. They did everything they could to find him but never did. Still, they never forgot him. We brought Samson into our care last month along with six other abandoned dogs he had been with. He was in pretty rough shape, dirty and covered in fleas. Before he was able to get treatment, he was scanned for a microchip – and we found one! Mr. C was shocked to hear that Samson had been found, and rushed over to ACS,” the department wrote in the caption.

The owner was ecstatic to reunite with Samson after so many years and shed quite a few tears after seeing the pooch. “’I wonder if he will still remember me?’ This is the thought that ran through Mr. C’s head as he waited to see Samson for the first time in 10 years,” added the caption.

The post is complete with pictures of Samson sniffing his owner’s hand and they will surely make your heart melt.

Take a look at the detailed post:

Shared on July 1, the post has garnered over 7,900 reactions and tons of reactions. The post touched the hearts of many. While some couldn’t stop gushing at the heart warming reunion, others expressed how great it would’ve been if Samson could speak and talk about his adventures for 12 months.

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“If Samson could only talk about what his eyes have seen in the past 10 years! So beautiful that there was a sweet reunion and that Samson is back HOME!” wrote a Facebook user. To which the department replied, “He probably say that the greatest thing was to know that his dad never lost hope!”

“This has me bawling like a baby. I hope we somehow get to see update pics where Samson seems happy and to remember his dad. Love this story’s ending,” commented another. “Oh man, this got me right in the feels!! I’m so happy that they were finally reunited!” said a third.

Did this story of reunion make you misty-eyed too?

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