‘Pakistan is complicit’: US Congressman calls for sanction as Taliban advance | World News

‘Pakistan is complicit’: US Congressman calls for sanction as Taliban advance | World News
  • Published8월 15, 2021

Amid accusations against Pakistan of covertly assisting the Afghan Taliban, a US Congressman has urged President Joe Biden to impose sanctions on Islamabad unless they “change course.” In a letter to Biden, House Representative Mike Waltz said that Pakistan’s military strategy is dictating the Taliban.

“At the least, Pakistan is complicit with Taliban advance and is choosing not to coordinate with the ANSF. At worst, the Pakistani military and intelligence services may be directly aiding the Taliban offensive,” Waltz said, urging the Biden administration to cut off all aid to Pakistan.

“Additionally, I ask that your administration also consider sanctioning Pakistan unless they change course and make greater efforts to prevent the Taliban from using their border region to regroup between firefights,” he added.

The Republican lawmaker raised concerns about the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, urging the US president to reverse course and provide military resources to assist the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF). He opined that Taliban forces are exposed on the ground as they were in 2001 and US air support can blunt the offensive.

“Air support will give the Government of Afghanistan and ANSF time to regroup and turn the tide of battle. They are doing the fighting and dying on the ground, but American air support will bolster their resolve and change the battlefield psychology,” Waltz said.

He expressed bafflement at the recent statements made by theUS special envoy in Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad, author of the Doha agreement. Highlighting the reports of abuses against women, Waltz said that Khalilzad has provided the president with poor counsel and “his diplomatic strategy has failed spectacularly.”

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“Ambassador Khalilzad has convinced multiple administrations that the Taliban is interested in governing and peace. It is clear that the Taliban is only interested in brutality and power. In light of this catastrophe, Ambassador Khalilzad should resign immediately or be relieved from his position,” he added.

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