Pakistani man shares photo of ‘Strawbiryani’, leaves foodies wondering ‘why’

While there is no dearth of delicious recipes on the internet, bizarre foods also get their fair share of eyeballs on social media. The latest one joining the long list of weird foods is ‘Strawbiryani’. Yes, you might have just lost your appetite  hearing. Now, the image has left many fuming.

Recently, a Pakistani man shared a photo of the dish, which many dubbed ‘blasphemous’ online showing a big bowl of the rice dish topped with a few fresh strawberries. The image showed what seemed to be a regular biryani with meat but garnished with the whole fruits.

“We made “Strawbiryani” at home today and I am curious to know what desi Twitter has to say about it,” Twitter user Saad from Islamabad wrote on the micro-blogging site sharing the dish.

The tweet garnered a lot of attention, however, not for the right reasons.

Many biryani lovers were disappointed but hoped that it was only meant to be a garnish and not used inside the actual dish. While many slammed him for “disrespecting” the dish, other reacted with hilarious memes. However, many said he didn’t use it inside the biryani per say and alleged that he only posted for Twitter fame.

Here’s how netizens reacted:

The viral image comes at a time when desi users were already irked by a Chicken burger ice-cream, which too originated from Pakistan. The viral video showed an ice-cream parlour staff smashing a McDonald’s burger and then adding milk and cream producing “disgusting” ice-cream rolls.

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