Penguin Escapes Killer Whales in Antarctica by Jumping onto Tourist Boat in Nick of Time

A penguin has been going viral after it narrowly escaped the jaws of killer whales and miraculously jumps on to the dinghy. The nail-biting video was recorded by tourists aboard a dinghy in the Gerlache Strait, near the tip of Antarctica. They spotted the penguin pacing near their vehicle as killer whales chased it. The tourists on-board watched the nail-biting chase as the penguin struggled to escape the killer jaws. But just as the on-lookers thought the penguin’s game was over, it made a leap towards the dinghy was helped by the on-lookers to make the escape.

“It was crazy to see in person. It was like watching a National Geographic episode on location,” Karsten, a travel writer based in Mexico’s Yucatan, Matt Karesten, who was on-board, was quoted as saying. “I imagine the penguin was very relieved to get away.”


Karestan was accompanied by his wife Anna as they recorded the video. The Antarctic travelers were there to see the icebergs when they noticed whales “playing in the water beside us” which Karsten began to film.

“They swam right up to the camera and said hello,” he further said. Initially they thought it was just the whales swimming, but soon noticed the penguin running for its life.

“Back and forth they went with the penguin swimming fast with the orcas on its trail. Eventually the poor penguin tried to jump into a nearby zodiac boat,” Karestan said. As the penguin neared the dinghy he made a huge leap to jump on board and was eventually helped by the tourists. It laid low until the coast was clear, the eye witnesses said. He made it to the boat only on his second attempt.

The orcas did follow the zodiac boat for a while, the tourists said. “After cruising for a little bit, the penguin said goodbye to the boat and hopped back into the icy water,” Karestan was quoted as saying.

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