School students, staff celebrate employee who passed US citizenship test. Watch

“How sweet is that,” wrote a Facebook user while reacting to the video.

By Trisha Sengupta

PUBLISHED ON APR 08, 2021 04:00 PM IST

A video involving the students and the staff at the Deer Creek Prairie Vale Elementary School in Edmond, Oklahoma and their cafeteria manager is now winning people over. Shared on the school’s official Facebook page, the video shows everyone cheering for the manager, Yanet, who passed her test to become a citizen of the USA.

“Every morning Ms. Yanet walks into the office and proclaims “Good Morning, Pretty Ladies” and with a smile and a laugh she always starts the day with a positive message! I am so excited for Ms. Yanet and the realization of one of her dreams in passing her citizenship test! We laughed that she would know more than those of us born in the U.S.A. I am honored to work with one best US citizens I know!” reads the caption shared with the video.

The clip opens to show a decorated school hallway with the students standing on the sides, with their masks on and maintaining proper distance. Within moments, Yanet walks down the hallway holding an American Flag as the students and the staff cheer on.

The video is super sweet to watch. There is a possibility it may fill your heart with a warm feeling too.

Since being posted, the video has gathered tons of comments from people. They couldn’t stop appreciating the gestures of the students and the staff. Many also wrote “Congratulations.”

“How sweet is that,” wrote a Facebook user. “Love this so much,” shared another. “Amazing,” commented a third.

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This is, however, not the only post capturing the amazing incident. Captioned, “More pictures of us celebrating Ms. Yanet!!” the school also shared this post:

What are your thoughts on the video and the pictures?


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