Security Camera Shows Woman Stealing Package In Middle of the Day While Having a Wardrobe Malfunction

While it may not be so common in India, courier and delivery services often leave the parcel at the recipient’s doorsteps so they can pick it up whenever they are home.

If you live around good neighbours in a safe location, it’s not an issue. However, if you have some miscreants around you, then your package may never reach you. In a daytime package theft caught by a security camera, a young woman can be seen sprinting across the front-yard to snatch the delivered package and runs away equally fast.

The woman is so determined that even losing her top and being partially naked didn’t deter her from the act. She was also running barefoot, which led many people on Twitter to believe she might live nearby.

The homeowner, fortunately, had a Ring Doorbell which is fitted with a security camera. Her face has been captured in full profile and should be easy to track down.

Reporter Janelle Bludau shared the video on her Twitter handle.

“We’re still investigating, and hopefully we’ll be able to potentially get her into custody soon,” Alan Rosen, Harris County Precinct 1 Constable told Fox News. But she may or may not face criminal charges. Many states in America have a minimum dollar amount limit for a stolen item before its theft changes in severity from a misdemeanour to a felony.

Ironically enough, the thief with the wardrobe malfunction stole a package containing a new dress from Nordstrom, reported KHOU 11. Fox News reported that recent years have seen a spike in “Front-porch package thefts” as online shopping has become the norm for many. These thefts increase around the holidays as people shop the most during this time.

As a result, the sale of doorbell cameras has been increasing lately. Gov. Greg Abbott signed a new law two years ago, which increases the penalty for “serial porch pirates.”

The front-porch thefts are becoming so common that the State of Georgia has suggested making such acts a crime or felony regardless of the monetary value of the stolen item. As most of the times, these thieves may not even know how much damage they are causing to the victims.

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