She Forgot Her Laptop Bag In The London Tube. Linkedin Came To Rescue

Daisy Morris forgot her laptop inside a train in London (Representative Image)

On Tuesday, when Daisy Morris, a UK-based social media and digital marketing professional, deboarded the London tube, she didn’t realise that she had forgotten her laptop inside the train. Ms Morris had walked halfway up the platform when it dawned upon her that the laptop bag was still on the tube, which had already left for its next station. Ms Morris was upset as she conducted her entire business on the laptop, which she wasn’t sure about seeing again. “I said a few explicit words and then cried for a bit, ran to the train conductor who told me he couldn’t get through to lost property and gave me a form and told me it might take up to 7 days to hear back,” she wrote in a LinkedIn post.

Following her interaction with the train conductor, Ms Morris said that she was prepared to leave for Oxford Circus to get a new laptop. While she headed to the platform to catch the next tube to the Central, her phone rang and the man on the other side asked if he was speaking to Daisy Morris.

The man — identified only as Nahid — then told her that he’d seen Ms Morris’ name on the laptop screen and found her LinkedIn profile on Google. He said he had the laptop at Shadwell station, she explained in her post. Expressing gratitude after getting the laptop back, Ms Morris said that humans are incredible when they are nice. “Thank God! I optimised my LinkedIn profile and had good SEO,” she said, adding, “Clearly, I need to pay more attention to my surroundings.”

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No, it doesn’t end here. Ms Morris dropped Mr Nahid a text, thanking him for returning her laptop. And the message reads like this, “Not many people do what you did and I’d really like to thank you.”

In her post, Ms Morris further wrote that when she insisted on paying him back, Mr Nahid refused and said he didn’t want repayment. She wanted to share the story with everyone because there’s a lot of negativity in the world at the moment.

The post, at the time of writing, had already generated over 26,000 reactions from people as they went about lauding Mr Nahid for his generosity and kindness.

“WOW. No words! Reading this gave me goosebumps – there really are some incredible people out there and this story could have ended so differently,” wrote Izzy Prior, a social media professional, in the comments box.

Another user, David Crayton, said, “Daisy, I hope that Nahid reads this and what a fantastic person he is.”

The overwhelming response to her story from the people compelled Ms Morris to thank and also inform them of what happened next.

Overwhelmed by the response, Ms Morris wrote in the comment box, “I also wanted to give you an update, Nahid has insisted he wants to remain anonymous (a testament to his humble attitude) and I am making a charity donation today to his preferred charity to pay my karma forward as he has said he doesn’t want anything from me personally! What a guy!”

“P.S I’m typing this from my laptop with a massive smile on my face,” she concluded. 

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