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Jay Brewer, the founder of The Reptile Zoo often shares exciting and interesting videos of animals as well as reptiles on his Instagram page. His videos show him carrying a huge alligator on his shoulder, or him feeding iguanas and many show him interacting with snakes. A video of his that went extremely viral on the Internet shows him defending himself from a snake that tries to attack him. His recent video shows a similar interaction – only this time, the snake outsmarts him. What’s surprising is how easily Brewer brushes off the attack like it’s no big deal.

Posted on the Jay Prehistoric Pets Instagram handle, the video shows Brewer standing next to a snake guarding her eggs. He mentions in the video that he needs to collect the eggs so that they hatch. Just as Brewer extends his hands to pick up the clutch of eggs, the snake attacks him right in the face.

“She GOT ME,” he wrote in the caption shared along with the video. “I take a risk so I can get the babies in the incubator where it’s safe… in this case I had to take one for the team,” he wrote further.

Watch the shocking video:

Since being posted some 21 hours ago, the video has collected over 99,000 likes and several comments.

“You’re so brave,” posted an individual. To this, Brewer replied, “I’m just doing my job”. Another Instagram user posted, “Love the bravery!” Brewer replied that he’s used to this.

“Beautiful but so dangerous,” commented a third. “You must really like working with these animals. I couldn’t,” posted a fourth. Brewer replied to this comment as well and posted, “I love it no matter what… living the dream”.

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