Spectacular drone footage captures lava spewing from Iceland volcano. Watch

The video starts with a shot of the molten lava river flowing from the erupting Fagradalsfjall volcano.

By Srimoyee Chowdhury

PUBLISHED ON MAR 22, 2021 10:18 PM IST

Incredible footage taken from a drone of an erupting volcano has gone swiftly viral on the Internet. The Fagradalsfjall volcano situated around 40 kilometers west of the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik, erupted on March 19 resulting in some stunning photographs and videos. But, the said drone footage captured by Bjorn Steinbekk, is something that you may have never seen before.

The video starts with a shot of the molten lava river flowing from the erupting volcano. As the clip goes on, the drone nears the spout of the volcano and captures a moment of lava spewing out. The video is bound to leave you amazed. The Fagradalsfjall volcano erupted after almost 800 years following several small earthquakes but there was no news of any damage, reports The Verge.

Take a look at the recording

Shared on March 21, the clip has garnered over 6,000 reactions and tons of comments. Netizens were stunned to see the incredible footage and expressed their awe in the comments section. While many couldn’t stop lauding the recording, others described how breath-taking the video was.

“Incredible!” wrote a Facebook user. “I have goosebumps,” commented another. “This is crazy! p.s. could you post before and after a picture of the drone,” requested a third.

What are your thoughts on this clip?

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