taliban: Already fulfilled Delhi meet demands, say Taliban | India News

NEW DELHI: In another reaction to the Afghanistan conference convened in Delhi, the Taliban foreign ministry said the government in Kabul has already fulfilled the demands raised in the meeting and for the second time in two days, the Taliban welcomed the conference and said they won’t allow the country to be used against others.
The Taliban claimed that they have already fulfilled all the demands mentioned at the India conference on Afghanistan, reported TOLO News. The demands made included ensuring Afghanistan did not export terrorism and there was unimpeded access for humanitarian support to people in the country. The Taliban’s claim that it had fulfilled the Delhi Declaration’s concerns flies in the face of reports of deprivation and new restrictions in line with religious prescriptions. So far, barring Pakistan, most countries expect the Taliban to provide more evidence that the regime is prepared to be tolerant, inclusive and mindful of civilian distress.
“The Islamic Emirate (Taliban) welcomes the India meeting. We are trying to take solid steps in governance, and countries should not be worried about Afghanistan soil being used against anyone,” deputy spokesman for the foreign ministry, Inamullah Samangani, was quoted as saying.

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