Taliban clear-headed, rational than two decades ago: China | World News

Taliban clear-headed, rational than two decades ago: China | World News
  • Published8월 20, 2021

The Taliban appear to be more clear-headed and rational than two decades ago, China said on Thursday, adding that Beijing was in talks with the group and called international powers to be more objective in dealing with the fast-evolving situation in Afghanistan.

Reacting to the latest developments in Afghanistan, the Chinese foreign ministry said Beijing was aware of the suspicions towards the Taliban but added that “nothing in the world is set in stone”.

“When dealing with a problem, we should not only depend on what has happened in the past, but also on what is happening now. This is done not only by listening to what is said, but also by watching what is done,” foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said.

She added that the rapidly changing situation in Afghanistan shows that the past judgement on the nation by the outside world lacked objectiveness and an accurate grasp of public opinion in Afghanistan.

Quoting what the Taliban leadership has so far said, Hua said, they have given the assurance that the militant group will work to resolve the problems faced by the people, meet their aspirations, and strive to build an open, inclusive Islamic government. “We have also noticed that some political figures of Russia and other countries and many international media have recognised Afghan Taliban’s behaviour after it entered Kabul, believing their good, positive and pragmatic actions.”

“Although the Afghan situation is not fully clear yet, they believe the Afghan Taliban will not repeat history, and the Afghan Taliban today is more clear-headed and rational than it was in power last time,” Hua added.

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The Taliban have also stated that it is committed to equality for all and will protect women’s freedom of speech, employment and educational rights, Hua said, responding to a question whether Beijing will demand the protection of rights of women unlike when the group was in power 20 years ago.

On Wednesday, China said it will decide on extending diplomatic recognition to the Taliban in Afghanistan only after the formation of the government, which it hoped would be “open, inclusive and broadly representative”.

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