Tara Air Passengers Push Airplane Off Runway In Nepal. Here’s Why

A group of people helped push a Tara Air plane off the runway in Nepal.

The unusual sight of a group of people pushing an airplane off a runway is going viral on social media. Passengers at an airport in Nepal were filmed pushing the Tara Air plane on Wednesday. According to Nepal News, the plane’s rear tyre burst while landing at Bajura Airport in Kolti, because of which it was unable to move off the runway. 

Meanwhile, another plane flying overhead was unable to land because the taxiway was blocked by the parked aircraft. Noticing this, passengers at the airport joined security personnel in pushing the aircraft off the runway. 

Footage shows a group of about 20 people working together to move the airplane off the runway. “Only in Nepal,” one Twitter user wrote while sharing the video on the microblogging platform, where it has racked up thousands of views and reactions.

Tara Air is the sister company of Yeti Airlines. Yeti Airlines spokesperson Surendra Bartaula told Himal Sanchar that the the Tara Air 9N-AVE aircraft had landed at Bajura Airport from Simkot in Humla. However, after its tyre burst, another plane flying overhead was unable to land. With no infrastructure to drag the airplane to the other side, passengers joined airport officials to move the plane so flight operations could resume. 

The other plane was able to land safely after the Tara Air plane was successfully moved out of the way. The plane’s punctured tyre was also replaced shortly afterwards. 

Recently, another aircraft had made the news for strange reasons. Footage of an Air India plane stuck underneath a foot overbridge near Delhi airport had gone massively viral on socoal media. 

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