Trump minions still going coup coup as clock winds down to Biden Presidency

Trump minions still going coup coup as clock winds down to Biden Presidency
  • Published1월 17, 2021

WASHINGTON: A Trump acolyte who was seen walking into the White House carrying talking points suggesting a potential coup, with steps that included drafting a controversial Indian-American Trump supporter as CIA Director, is triggering off alarm that there may yet be nasty surprises before Joe Biden can be sworn in as the 46th US President in four days.
A Washington Post photographer zoomed in on notes that Mike Lindell, a Trump supporter and founder of the company My Pillow, was carrying into the White House. Among visible text in the notes were the words “Insurrection Act now as a result of the assault on the”, “martial law if necessary” and “Move Kash Patel to CIA Acting.”
Patel, a former aide to pro-Trump Congressman Devin Nunes was drafted into the White House by Trump and was subsequently deputed to the Pentagon last November amid disquiet in several quarters that he was preparing grounds for Trump’s continuation in office despite the election loss.
Although he was associated with national security issues and intelligence matters pre-dating Trump, the CIA leadership reportedly resisted moves to send him to the agency. Like Lindell, he is also viewed in the mainstream media as a conspiracy theorist who unquestioningly buys into Trump’s lies.
White House officials told journalists Trump saw Lindell only for a few minutes and nothing came of the meeting, suggesting the President just blew him off. But critics urged a close watch on the situation, noting that Lindell was a sponsor of the “Stop the Steal” really that led to the storming of the Capitol and was one of the President’s supporters who refused to accept the election results.
With less than 100 hours to go before Trump is scheduled to demit office, Americans, particularly law enforcement and national security mandarins, are holding their breath to see if the handover of government to incoming President Joe Biden will be smooth, if not uneventful.
No transition in modern US history has been more chaotic or bitter, with lawmakers so distrustful of each other that some Democrats are accusing Republicans of instigating murderous mobs and endangering their lives, with the return charge that liberal lawmakers are traitors out to betray the country.
The allegations have gone beyond political rhetoric. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday that (Republican) lawmakers who helped white supremacists and MAGA extremists storm the Capitol should face criminal prosecution, amid charges from Democrats that some of them gave insurrectionists a tour of the Capitol a day before the attack.
Some Democratic lawmakers said they feared going to secure locations in Congress to be extracted by security personnel during the attack because they were afraid their Republican colleagues would betray their coordinates to the mob.
The immediate danger though is MAGA extremists and domestic white nationalist terrorists infiltrating the capital to disrupt the Biden-Harris swearing in.
In extraordinary and unprecedented moves airlines and train and bus service are monitoring traffic into Washington DC to stop violent extremists from traveling to the capital, and Airbnb cancelled all reservations in the city to thwart potential pro-Trump rioters. There is concern that the MAGA has well-trained ex-military and ex-police personnel, not to speak of the even greater danger of MAGA extremism having infected the US military and law enforcement.

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