TV Anchor interrupts the broadcast to claim he hasn’t been paid

The video of a TV anchor from Zambia went viral where he interrupted the live bulletin claiming he hasn’t been paid.
Kabinda Kalimina, the KBN news anchor was reading the top news stories during the KBN programme on Saturday evening caused quite a stir when he suddenly started talking about their staff not getting paid by the news station.
“Away from the news, ladies and gentlemen, we are human beings. We have to get paid,” he said.
“Unfortunately, on KBN we haven’t been paid… Sharon and everyone else hasn’t been paid, including myself. We have to get paid,” he said right before the show ended.
The video shared by Kabinda Kalimina on Facebook went viral with more than 1k comments and likes. He wrote, “Yes, I did that on live TV, just because most journalists are scared to speak out doesn’t mean journalists shouldn’t speak out”.

KBN TV’s chief executive Kennedy Mambwe, the CEO of KBN TV, released a statement on the channel’s Facebook page. In the statement the news channel termed it as “drunken behaviour” and a “one-night stunt of fame”.
“As KBN TV, we are appalled with the drunken behaviour exhibited through a video clip that has gone viral on social media and staged by one of our part-time presenters during what should have been the main news bulletin last night,” read the statement.
“As management, we are carrying out investigations to determine how a drunken part-time presenter found himself on air unabated, and disciplinary action will be taken against anyone who may have been party to the scheme,” it added.

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