Two great white sharks bite chunks off each other | Two great white sharks bite giant chunks off each other in one savage battle, video is viral

Two great white sharks bite giant chunks off each other&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspYouTube

Two frenzied great white sharks were filmed tearing giant chunks out of each other in a video that has been widely circulated on social media now.

It’s not uncommon to see the predators going at each other aggressively in the vastness of the ocean. However, seeing them biting chunks off each other is a whole another level of savage that can only be captured by professional photographers and sea experts.

The impressive footage was part of a 2019 National Geographic documentary titled ‘Cannibal Sharks’. But it is believed to have been captured some years before that. 

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Some awe-inspiring shark clips have gone viral on social media this year.

Just a few days back, incredible drone footage showed the moment when a shark chased a crocodile in the shallow waters off the coast of Australia.

The epic encounter, filmed off the Wessel Islands in North Austria, shows the shark trailing the reptile for nearly two minutes.

More recently, a sea explorer named Steve Morris captured a life-changing experience on camera for the world to see.

Morris is one of those lucky men who was able to film his unusual underwater meet-up with a magnificent creature, when he went for a dip in the  Bay of Plenty in New Zealand on 18 April.

The incredible footage shows the moment he came face-to-face with not one but two killer whales. He described it as the  ‘best day of my life’.

Morris said he spotted eight ocras and decided to take his camera out to capture the pod. But suddenly, one of them greeted him by swimming really close.

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After that, the killer whale was joined by one of its mates and the pair hovered along while looking at Morris. In the video, Morris can be seen waving at the creatures before they returned to their pod.

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