Adding to the phenomenon of unidentified objects, a UFO-like object was seen by an American Airlines pilot over Northeast New Mexico on February 21. Fox News reports that the FBI is aware of the sighting confirming the close encounter with ‘a long cylindrical object’ when the Airbus A320 plane, AA flight 2292 flew from Cincinnati to Phoenix was at a height of 36,000 feet over New Mexico.

As per the report, Frank Connor, the FBI spokesperson confirmed the incident, however, it hasn’t confirmed the launch of an investigation into the matter.

He urged anyone aware of suspicious or criminal activity should contact their local law enforcement agency or the FBI and that they are “continuously with our federal, state, local, and tribal partners to share intelligence and protect the public.”

On Sunday afternoon, the flight crew witnessed a quick-moving unusual object flying above them. According to an unconfirmed radio transmission intercepted by the Deep Horizon blog, the pilot is asking the air traffic control if they had any targets up there.

Steve Douglas, an airline radio enthusiast, shared the audio on his blog, which was later confirmed by American Airlines and referred further questions to the FBI. In the 15- second clip, the pilot can be heard excited as he tries to understand what was flying over their flight.

He can be heard explaining the shape of the object-long cylindrical object that looks like a cruise missile type-informed the traffic control that it flew really fast right over them.

“I hate to say this but it looked like a long cylindrical object that almost looked like a cruise missile type of thing – moving really fast right over the top of us,” says the pilot.

Currently, it remains unclear what the pilot might have spotted in Sunday.

Global News reports that Douglas was listening to the airwaves when he noticed the pilot’s voice adding that this aircraft’s pilot voice excited and could be heard above all other aircraft.

Douglas suspects that it was unlikely that the object was a missile since Sundays are a ‘day off’ for the military.

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