UK man pretends to faint to get off from work, video leaves netizens amused

Taking a day off from work may not always be possible. However, a UK-based resident came up with a bizarre technique to to skip office. In a post on Twitter, the user @ElpedroThe2nd shared CCTV footage of a store while narrating an incident where he pretended to faint in order to be sent home.

“What’s the best way you’ve ever blagged getting off work sick this is mine it was Boxing Day I was hungover and 18 and wanted to go out later so decided to pull this off. I made sure the manager was there as well,” read the caption of the tweet, which soon went viral on the microblogging website.

In the 18-second clip, the man can be seen on the billing counter helping a customer when he puts his hand on his forehead and then falls to the ground.

Watch the video here:

Once shared online, it did not take long for the tweet to go viral with several netizens commenting on the incident. Many wondered if the fall actually worked.

Responding to the comments, the man confirmed that his employee was fooled by the incident and he even received a free “Lucozade and Galaxy bar” before being sent back home.

Some also shared their own incidents where they too faked illness to get out of work. Here, take a look at the many reactions to the viral clip.

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