Video shows chilling moment as two women almost plunge 6300 ft after cliff swing breaks

A chilling video showing two women plunging off the top of a 6,300 ft cliff in Russia while riding on a swing has gone viral on social media.

The two women were riding the cliff swing over the Sulak Canyon in Russia’s Dagestan when one of the chains snapped, sending the women down the cliff.

According to a Daily Mail report, the women, however, escaped with minor injuries as their fall was broken by a wooden panel located just beyond the cliff edge. The pair sustained only bruises and scratches as onlookers and relatives lifted them back to safety.

Watch the terrifying video here:

As per reports, local police are investigating the incident. Local authorities are also planning to remove the swings built and operated without safety standards.

The Sulak Canyon is 63 meters deeper than the Grand Canyon in the US and 620 meters deeper than the Tara River Canyon in Europe.

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