Viral Video: 2 Honeybees Work Together to Open a Fanta Bottle, Internet Cant Bee-live It

Viral Video: A video is currently going viral on social media showing how 2 busy bees work together to lift the top off a bottle of Fanta. The incredible video captured in São Paulo, Brazil, shows the two bees initially positioning themselves on either side of the bottle. They then use their legs to push the cap up and only after a few seconds, the bees manage to lift the top off the soda bottle as it falls on the ground. Also Read – 15 Million Baby Bees Could be Seized And Burned in This Country | Here’s Why

After the video gained attention, the filmer told Viral Hog: ‘The video was recorded during my lunch break from work. I got a soda from a customer but soon the bees stole it.’

Watch the video here:

The video has gone viral globally and Twitter users are more than impressed with this super teamwork.

One user wrote, ”Years from now, when bees are running the world, this will be one of those anthropologic videos shown to young bees in school about a key moment in the evolution of their species – like when humans first used crude tools.”

Another user had a piece of advice for Fanta, ”@Fanta needs to buy this video, and team up with a Save The Bees group. It would make a great ad and increase sales, plus get people to start talking about the importance of bees.

Here are other reactions:

Nature is truly amazing, isn’t it?

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