Watch: Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani continues to offer Eid prayers amid rocket fire

At least three rockets landed near the presidential palace on Tuesday, where Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani was set to address people on Eid-a-Adha.

A video shared by TOLOnews showed Ghani and many others offering Eid prayers even as the high-pitched noise of rocket fire pierced the morning air. As loud explosions continued to ring nearby, most from the prayer party appeared unperturbed. Security guards can also be seen hurrying in the background towards the site of blasts.


There are no reports of injuries from the explosions so far as all rockets landed outside the fortified palace premises, said Mirwais Stanikzai, spokesman for the interior minister.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack and Taliban insurgents denied their involvement.

Afghanistan’s insurgents have for years fired rockets into the city every now and then, usually inflicting only minor damage and few if any casualties.

In March 2020, four rockets were fired on the edge of the palace compound during Ghani’s inauguration as president. Islamic State insurgents claimed responsibility for the attack.

(With inputs from Reuters)

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