Watch: Canadian Heat Melts Candies Into A Puddle; Leaves Internet Amazed

Recently, a heatwave has wrecked lives in Canada. The scorching heat outside got unbearable for human beings. So, when candies melt under the sun into a thick puddle, we can barely complain about it. Right? We recently came across one such video that left us amazed to the core. A resident of Canada shared a video of this phenomenon (candies melting due to heat) on Twitter and it went all over the internet in no time. In the video, posted from the handle @attila_thefun, we saw a handful of gummy bears kept in a disposable bowl out in the sun. The video was shot in time-lapse mode to show us the development of an hour, within just 27 seconds.

The colourful candies, soon, deformed and melted into a gooey pool of reds and yellows and greens. All the candies, except one variety, gave up to the heat. The caption read, “One hour to turn a pile of gummy bears into a gummy puddle in this heat. The sour cherry gummies are much more resilient.” Check out the tweet here:

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The video fetched a lot of reactions on the Internet. Some were left stunned, others commented how the same candy puddle can be frozen and made into a big candy.

“I left a bag in the back of my car and they almost turned to that, put them in the fridge and it turned into one giant gummy bear,” read a comment.

Another user commented, “If you get a cookie cutter and melt some inside you can make different gummy shapes. Although I don’t know how edible sun melted and cooled gummies are.”

Here are some more reactions by Twitter users:

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