Woman Requests Delivery Man To Throw Tea On Ex’s Face, He Obliges. Watch

A delivery man was filmed splashing tea on a customer’s face.

For one woman in China, revenge was a dish best served – err, thrown – on her ex-boyfriend’s face. Bizarre footage going viral on social media shows a food delivery man throwing tea on a man’s face – apparently at the request of his former partner. 

According to Oriental Daily, the incident unfolded when a woman from Shangdong, China, placed a food order to be delivered to her ex-boyfriend. Apparently angry at her ex, she added some strange instructions to her order – she requested that whoever delivered the order should splash tea on her ex’s face.

“There is no need to treat him well. Just go and throw this tea in his face,” she wrote, according to a translation provided by Globe News Insider.

Incredibly enough, the delivery man obliged – although he did appear apologetic while splashing the customer with tea. Footage that has gone viral on social media shows the Meituan delivery executive throwing the tea on the customer as stunned onlookers watched. 

Immediately after splashing the beverage, he was seen handing over the order receipt to explain his actions.



Although the incident occurred last month, the footage grabbed the Internet’s attention and went viral only recently. 

The Meituan Group, when contacted for a statement, said that the incident was being investigated. Meituan is a Chinese shopping and delivery platform for food takeout, consumer products etc. The Group said that delivery staff could reject unreasonable order requests. 

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