‘You have a hole in your pants’: Student’s note to teacher goes viral

Teacher wardrobe malfunction&nbsp

Key Highlights

  • Greg Donitzen, a science teacher, shared how a student left him a note which left him embarrassed
  • The note read, “You have a hole in your pants. All the kids are talking about it. :│”
  • The student gave him the note at the end of the day

Being a teacher is a tough job – you got to stand in front of a class of students and keep their attention on what you are teaching for the entire day. The difficult task becomes impossible if you have fallen prey to an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

This is exactly what happened with Greg Donitzen, a science teacher from Washington DC. He realised that his trousers had been making his students laugh all day long when one student wrote a note informing him about it – only at the end of the day.

“Thinking about that note a student left on my desk at the end of the day,” Greg wrote.

Greg had his hand over his mouth after which he showed the note that the student had written on a toilet paper. “You have a hole in your pants. All the kids are talking about it. :│,” the note read.

teacher wardrobe malfunction

Greg even shared a picture of his trousers showing a split on the back.

He asked other teachers, “Embarrassing teacher stories… this happen to anyone else?”

Other teachers obliged to Greg’s request and shared their stories.

One user said, “Haha. Yep have had that. Taught a class one day with zipper down almost the whole time.” Another wrote, “I had a student come up to me after class to let me know I should stop raising my arms because I had really bad sweat stains in my pits…”

A third user posted, “My seventh grade history teacher ripped his pants in the middle of class. He put duct tape over them for the rest of the day.” Yet another noted, “That kid respects you. He/she didn’t like that the kids were talking about it.”

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